Anaar's traveling boutique, Tombo Studio, was established in 1995. At a very early age while living in Japan, a dragonfly or tombo, flew past my ear. A voice opened itself to me and taught me to sign all my art with a tombo, hence Tombo Studio.
In my work as a designer I strive toward two quests. The first quest is for great design.  The second, superb craftsmanship. When you visit my booth, look for my hand made exotic costumes and custom designed jewelry.

Among the many others items on the table, you will also find amazing vintage tribal accessories in silver and high carat gold. And I am always pleased to carry top quality new tribal accessories. 

My design and color sensibilities come from a Fine Arts training and years of practice.  In addition, I have an MA in Arts and Consciousness. Not only am I able to deliver perfectly crafted, well designed pieces, I am also able to do so in a consciously devotional manner. 

Several years ago The Textile Research Centre in Leiden acquired a full assuit costume from me.  It includes a bra, pantaloons and a veil.  It is a tremendous honor and remains one of the highlights of my design career.  

Information for custom orders can be found here.

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In addition to Tombo Studio, I have two other web sites:
The White Wand an exploration of the intersection of the arts and the Feri Tradition Witchcraft
Anaar dark arts, ritual and performance





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